tyre & rim repair


Got a puncture? Get it off the vehicle asap and bring it into us. The longer its driven on the less chance you have of saving it so bring your vehicle in asap.

Second Hand

Got a puncture and cant afford a new replacement? We have a large stock of second hand tyres that can be used as an alternative.

Buckled Rims

Hit something on the road or smashed into a curb that you couldn't see? Bring your vehicle into us and we can do an inspection.

Get Back on the Road

At Bunbury Tyre and Exhaust we take pride in our work and conduct our repairs to the highest standard. We use mushroom plugs in all of our repairs to get the best and safest seal for your tyre.

If your tyre is unsalvageable (having sidewall damage or no tread), then we have a large range of second-hand tyres that can be used as an alternative to getting a brand new tyre.

Whether you have hit a curb and put a massive dent in your rim or you have accidentally scratched it, we can take a look for you and get it repaired good as new.

At Bunbury Tyre and Exhaust we don’t stop at inspecting tyre and rim damage, if you bring your vehicle in we will conduct a full inspection and advise you on what you really need for your vehicle.

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