wheel alignment

Stop Pulling

If you feel like you're having to fight the steering wheel to keep your car on the road, then you need to get a wheel alignment, come and see us today.

Tyre Wear

Getting your wheels aligned correctly not only stops your car pulling to one side of the road, it decreases tyre wear and improves tyre life.

Stop Vibration

When travelling at high speeds on freeways and highways you may notice vibration in your vehicle. Eliminate this with a correct wheel alignment.

keep driving straight

If you notice that you’re having to battle with your steering wheel to keep your vehicle going straight, then you need to come in and see us for a wheel alignment.

If your vehicle wants to go sideways when you want to go straight then your tyres are paying a price for it. Inside and outside tyre wear means that your wheels are misaligned, getting this fixed will result in your tyres lasting longer.

Inside and outside tyre wear can dramatically deteriorate your tyre life. The last thing you want to do is spend the money on new tyres to see them need replacing do inside or outside wear.

Getting a wheel alignment eliminates vehicle vibration and improves your tyre life. If you want to save money in the long run then a wheel alignment is your best option.

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