Raise Your 4x4

Need to get a bit more clearance to hit the trails? Come in and see us to get a lift installed. Leaf springs, coils and shock absorbers.

Lower Your Car

Want that low look on your ride? We have a variety of components to get your car looking the way you want. Coil overs and shock absorbers.

Smoother Ride

If you think that car isn't driving as smooth as it used to then come in and see us, there's a high chance you need new suspension.

The Whole package

Suspension is a crucial part of your car and has a massive effect on how your car handles. Don’t settle for a rough ride, if you think that something isn’t right come in and see us for an inspection.

We don’t just check the springs and shock absorbers, we check all the bushings and steering components of your vehicle to make sure we get to the bottom of the problem you might be having.

We use the well known and trusted brands Raw 4×4 and Dobinsons for the majority of our suspension overhauls. We have been using both these brands for years, and even have it installed in our own vehicles.

A suspension overhaul can take a while to get done, we take great care to make sure you are safe. If you need to get someone in the meantime we have a fleet of courtesy cars you can use.

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Products We Stock

raw predator shock absorber
raw coil spring
raw leaf spring
raw nitro shock absorber
dobinson epic shock absorber
dobinson coil spring

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