Brake Checks

Hearing noises? Feeling like your vehicle isn’t quite stopping as well as it used to? Come in today and get a free brake check.

Full Overhaul

Want to get the assurance that your car will stop when your brake? Then getting a full brake overhaul might be something that you need.

Disc Machining

If there is still some life left in your brakes and you don't to get a full overhaul, then come in and see us for disc machining.

Safe Stopping Power

Brakes are your vehicles most crucial safety component, without them working correctly you run the risk of getting yourself into some serious trouble.

It’s very important to make sure you are getting your brakes regularly checked and serviced, your safety and the safety of other road users depend on it.

If you notice that you are hearing a lot of squealing noises or they are shuttering and don’t feel like they used to, then come in and see us immediately.

Our mechanics take their job very seriously when conducting any work related to your brakes, be it a full overhaul, machining, fluid replacement and even simple brake checks.

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