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Ride Check

Bring your vehicle in and we can do a full inspection to see how your car is riding. We look at the suspension, shock absorbers, steering and brakes.


Your oil, fuel and air filters are crucial components to keep your engine running healthy. We can advise you if we think that you should replace them.

Fluid Top Ups

If there is a fluid in your vehicle that can be topped up we can do it. Windscreen wash, brake, transmission, oil, coolant and power steering fluid.

keeping your vehicle healthy

A regular service can prevent major component breakages which can save you a great deal of money. Early detection of an issue is far better than waiting for something catastrophic to go wrong.

Keeping your vehicle healthy is crucial for your own and every other road users safety. Getting your vehicle regularly serviced allows you to drive with the assurance that you are safe.

Our trained mechanics take great pride in their work and will take a fine tooth-comb approach when inspecting your vehicle during a service.

We will inspect every single aspect of your vehicle and advise you as to what you need. Whether it be new tyres, fluid checks, wheel alignment, new brakes; we leave nothing to chance and will advise you if something isn’t safe.

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